They Lit Up The Neighborhood With Lights, Keep An Eye On The Trees As They Pass By

There’s something magical about Christmas lights that always take you back to simpler times.

Going for a drive through them is something that families have been doing for generations, and we continue to pass down the tradition today.

Every winter it seems like local news outlets are finding their area Christmas light fanatic, but what happens when an entire neighborhood gets involved?


A gentleman and his family were taking a drive one evening, and thought they had seen some cool lights in front of one of the houses.

As they got closer, it seemed as if they were about to enter a completely different world with lights as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, they were swept away into a winter wonderland.


The location, according to the post, is “near Jupiter, Florida,” so if you have any friends or family in the area, you should have them check out these houses, because it’s obvious this neighborhood goes all-out for Christmas.


Fortunately, the family took video of their adventure, and now you too can take a little drive down memory lane. Everyone needs a little “Merry Christmas” added to their day!

Spread some Christmas cheer, and share this with your friends and family! Do you have any cool lights like this in your neighborhood?


Merry Christmas!