Little Girl Has A Roach Collection In Her Room, Then She Explains Why To Her Mom

Like most 10-year-old girls, this precious little lady has a doll house in her room. But when I met the “friends” who live in this house, I was at a loss for words. This is absolutely horrifying.

While many children are terrified of bugs, this little girl couldn’t be more different. To say that she is obsessed with bugs — more specifically, cockroaches– would be a major understatement.

Meet Shelby Counterman, a 10-year-old from Claremore, Oklahoma, featured on TLC’s hit show, “My Kid’s Obsession.”

At the ripe age of 3, Shelby became a cockroach collector after a neighbor generously gave her some bugs.

Nicknamed “Scuttlebug”, the little tot fell in love with the creepy crawlers. “I’m pretty sure it was because of my nickname as a baby,” Shelby explained.

Shelby’s “besties” numbering the thousands, live in bins– in her bedroom. Understandably, her parents are still adjusting.

Although roaches are commonly known as pests, these critters are how little Shelby manages to escape from her daily struggle.

Shelby was born Neurofibromatosis, a condition which causes her spine to be severely curved. She wears a leg brace to help with her posture; her roach friends help her cope.

With over 7,000 different exotic cockroaches sharing her bedroom, Shelby calls them her little “dream catchers.”

Shelby shared, “Last year, I had this really bad cold and my parents thought it was my roaches,” she said. “It turned out it wasn’t. So I had to fight to get them back in my room.”

Watch precious little Shelby’s story and unique obsession with cockroaches in the video below: 

While I’m so glad to see that Shelby has found a unique way to cope and make friends; I must admit that I’m still mostly a bit weirded out.

What would you do if Shelby were your daughter? Would you let her little “obsessions” live under your roof?