This Little Girl Invited A Special Guest To Her Tea Party, The Reason Why Will Leave You In TEARS

As if a big, tender-hearted police officer sitting at a tiny table with a child’s floral teacup in his hand while having tea with a precious little girl isn’t cute enough — the reason for their celebration will absolutely melt your heart. This is beautiful.

By profession, police officers are commissioned to protect and serve their community — but oftentimes police officers must go the extra mile in order to save a life. And that’s exactly what happened for this police officer from Rowlett, Texas.

One year ago, Corporal Patrick Ray responded to the scene of a frantic mother’s 9-1-1 phone call and saved the life of 2-year-old Bexley Norvel.

Tea Party 2

Recently, little Bexley wanted to thank her biggest hero on the anniversary of her rescue — by throwing him a tea party. And it’s quite possibly the sweetest thing you’ll ever see.

Tea Party 5

One year ago, Corporal Ray responded to Tammy Norvell’s desperate plea for help, after little Bexley had choked on a coin at her home in Rowlett, Texas.

“Her lips were completely blue. I could not believe how fast he got here,” her mother, Tammy Norvell told CNN.

Tea Party 4

Within seconds of arriving on the scene, Corporal Ray was able to pry Bexley’s mouth open to perform a “finger sweep,” opening her airways and saving her life.

“It was the scariest thing to hand her over to somebody I didn’t know, but I put all my faith and all my trust in him that he knew what to do,” Tammy Norvell told CNN.

Tea Party 6

Corporal Ray’s body camera captured the emotional moment little Bexley started breathing again.

“It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard in my entire life,” Ray told KTVT.

In the video below, watch the emotional body-cam footage as Corporal Ray saves little Bexley’s life: 

Officer Ray, who has two children of his own, said all he could think about during those life-altering seconds was his own family.

“What makes it special is from here on out, I get to see her grow up.”

Tea Party 7

In light of the recent horrifying events surrounding police officers, this unique friendship serves as a beautiful reminder of just how important America’s sacrificial police officers are.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

Thank God for police officers like Corporal Patrick Ray! Our country would be lost without our selfless, hard-working, and dedicated officers! Please share if you agree.