Little Girl Runs Out In The Middle Of The Street, Then Mom Captures A Shocking Moment On Camera

There seems to be endless turmoil in the world today. With things like our ever-divided nation and bombs being dropped in all kinds of places, it is nice to find something that is inspiring and heartwarming.

And that is exactly what this video is. This amazing bond between brother and sister is one you have to see for yourself. The little girl in the video waits patiently every single day (some days more patient than others) for her brother to get home from his long school day. But what she does when her brother steps off the bus is truly touching.

Every single day, the children’s mother records the moment. As the bus pulls up to the family’s driveway, you can see the anticipation for this little girl building. She runs, arms held out, jumping into her big brother’s arms just as he steps off the last step of the bus.

While most older brothers might be embarrassed or just plain annoyed by the daily love attack, this brother is the opposite. The little boy takes his sister’s embrace in full stride, always being sure to lift her away from the bus as they hug. The cuteness is off of the charts for this one. This really is the type of love that every parent wants their kids to have.

Watch every hug put together in this adorable compilation…

Isn’t that adorable?! Share it with your own family to keep the love going strong!