Luke Bryan Took His Time On Stage To Honor Our Men And Women In Uniform In The Most Inspiring Way

Due to the liberal bias in media, celebrities don’t give our troops the respect they deserve. However, country superstar Luke Bryan just took a stand for our military in the most inspiring way.

For more than a decade, Luke Bryan has been hypnotizing country music fans with his sultry voice, uplifting lyrics and his charming personality.

As one of the few famous Christians, Luke is one country superstar who is using his celebrity platform to spread conservative values America’s been deprived of for far too long.

When I saw how Luke reminded America to give our troops the respect they deserve, my admiration for him grew even more.

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As part of the Kill The Lights Tour, Luke Bryan was the first performer to take the stage inside Minnesota’s US Bank Arena, and he was honored to sing our nation’s National Anthem inside the incredibly large venue — but it’s what happened before Luke began belting “The Star-Spangled Banner” that really caught my attention.

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The concert took on a true patriotic vibe when Luke decided to honor the men and women who serve our great nation along with all of the first responders and public safety workers who keep us all safe at home. Immediately after his dedication, Luke delivered a powerful performance of the National Anthem and silenced the entire crowd.

“You know what I do want to do?” Luke asked the crowd. “I want to salute our troops and Armed Forces, those who keep us free! And policemen and firefighters, thank you!”

Watch the footage right now:

Thank you, Luke Bryan, for reminding America what a true patriot looks like! The world needs more celebrities like Luke Bryan – ones that share the light that can only be seen through Jesus Christ, in the midst of deceptive darkness.

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