Lyft Driver Refuses To Take A Woman Home, The Reason Why He Said No Will Make Your Blood BOIL

Ride-sharing services have their pros and cons, but if you do happen to order a Lyft or an Uber you’d be lucky to have Tro’juan Henderson as your driver.

Working as a Lyft driver in Dallas, Tro’juan is making headlines for refusing service to a rider, but not for reasons you may think.

In recent months, ride-sharing companies have come under fire for the lack of vetting when it comes to their drivers. Many of these companies have drivers facing accusations of assault, rape, and even murder, but that is far from the case with Mr. Henderson.

While working one night, Tro’juan received an order to pick up a rider outside of a bar. As he waited for his passenger to arrive, he saw a group of girls approach his car. The ladies told Tro’juan that their friend had too much to drink, and needed a ride home.

The women then handed Mr. Henderson the keys to their friend’s car, and instructed him to make sure she gets home. This was when Tro’juan decided to remove himself from a bad situation.

Mr. Henderson told the women that, while he’d drive the group to their destination, he didn’t think it was wise for him to drive around an incredibly intoxicated young woman alone.

After the ordeal, Tro’juan posted a video, cautioning others on how to avoid being put in bad situations. His video also talks about how we can do more to make sure others feel safe, regardless of the situation.

One question I have after all of this is “what kind of people drop off their ‘friend’ with a complete stranger?” Those don’t sound like the kind of friends I’d want to have.

Thank God for Tro’juan, and other men of character like him, who go out of their way to make sure others feel safe. SHARE his message, and let’s look out for one another! God bless.