Man Finds 2 Snakes Dangling From Ceiling At Home, What Happens Next Gave Me Nightmares!

Prepare to watch the most INSANE video the internet has ever given us! I’m still cringing from this video…

When Mark Hyatt got home from a long day of work, he discovered something strange dangling from his ceiling.

Little did Hyatt know, the closer he got to the long, mysterious object — the closer he was to everyone’s biggest nightmare!

It turns out there were two snakes slithering their way down from Hyatt’s ceiling, twisting around each other to lower themselves. It’s so-o-o-o creepy!

When Hyatt tried to sweep one of the snakes out the door, it kept charging its way back in – three times. What happened next blew my mind even more…

Although two snakes dangling from my ceiling are the LAST thing I ever want to see after a long day of work, it’s impossible to not be fascinated by this creepy incident! Hopefully the snakes don’t come back.

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