Man Isolated Himself For 25 Years In Desert With Only His Dog, His Amazing Underground Creations Will Leave You Speechless

A man calls himself a magician and that’s not even close to describing what he does to people when they walk into his “showrooms”. He has hidden himself away in caves for 25 years, with only his dog allowed to see the magic he works on, until now.

The magic this man talks about isn’t what you might think when you hear the word, but his work is magnificent.

Ra Paulette is the man behind the creative talent. What does he do, you ask? He creates atmospheres inside of caves and he does that by carving away at the sandy interior walls.

Paulette enters each new cave looking for “fresh wonder” others may consider what he’s searching for as a blank canvas. He doesn’t call himself an artist, just someone who’s passionate about “cave digging”.

Although Paulette doesn’t consider his work art, others beg to differ. His creations are stunning and inspiring. He digs caves from the hillside and inches his way in with only hand tools.

This man is truly talented. Watch this video and learn about Paulette’s talent.

Absolutely incredible! Paulette finally got the recognition he deserved and yet, he doesn’t want it. He’s an honest, hard-working man who is doing what he loves so others can enjoy his labor.

Congratulations Paulette on all you have accomplished, you are truly an inspiration! Please share this video displaying fascinating works of art!