Man Looks Out Window And Sees Mailman Doing Something In Neighbor’s Yard, What He Did Will Surprise You

USPS drivers can’t get away with anything these days thanks to home surveillance cameras on nearly every porch in America. Well, this time it wasn’t a camera that busted this driver, but a person looking out their window.

Packages have shown up on people’s front door step smashed and beat up by mailmen. This time however, the mailman was caught doing something else entirely.

It all started when one man by the name of Jeff Fortin was returning home and noticed a mail truck across the street. Jeff decided to run out and get his mail, but when he stepped outside he caught a glimpse of something rather unusual.

As his neighbor was raising an American flag, Jeff looked around searching for the mailman, named Robert Franklin but couldn’t see him anywhere. Finally, Robert popped out from behind his delivery truck and stood with his hand on his brow saluting the flag.

As his neighbor continued to pull up the flag, Jeff ran inside and grabbed his camera to capture the moment unfolding in front of his home.

Jeff was moved by the mailman’s gesture of honor for all who have served. It really tugged on his heartstrings because Jeff himself is a retired 2LT, MP US Army, LEO, Air Force, Atomic Veteran.

Jeff wanted to share the picture on social media, but wanted permission from the fellow veteran saluting the flag.

Jeff approached Robert and introduced himself and asked if could share the picture on Facebook. Robert gladly granted him permission to share that moment.

Jeff shared, “Many thanks to retired U.S. Army sergeant Robert Franklin, who is still serving his country, rain sleet or snow. He is the manifestation of true patriotism, and I am proud to have met him.”

It’s an honor to walk amongst the men and women who have sacrificed so much for us to live freely in this wonderful country.

Thank you Jeff Fortin and Robert Franklin for your heroic service for your country. We salute you! Please share this touching story today! God Bless America! And may God bless our loyal troops!