This Man Turned His Shotgun Into A Guitar, What Happened Next Left Me Speechless

Have you ever been holding a gun and thought to yourself, I wish there was a way I could play music with this? Well, Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band has the perfect invention for you.

In a video posted on Youtube, Rev. Peyton decided to show off his new toy, created by Bryan Fleming and the weapon (instrument?) actually sounds pretty good.

Throw in a timely shotgun “POW!” every so often, and you’ve got yourself a one-man band. Seriously, this is going on the Christmas wish list and I don’t even know how to get one.


I realize how ridiculous this sounds, but once you take a listen for yourself you’ll understand why these musicians are constantly playing with sounds. It’s incredibly unique, but the “instrument” also makes a pretty cool sound that is totally its own.

How cool was that? What do you think, could you get away with having one of those? It sure would make those quiet mornings in the blind a lot more…. interesting!