A Masterpiece Was Found On The Ocean Floor, But It Took Years To Track Down The Unexpected Artist

A mysterious work of art was found on the ocean floor near Japan‘s Amami-Oshima Island. Who made this incredible masterpiece? One diver was determined to find the truth behind the stunning wonder– and you’ll be shocked to learn his shocking discovery.

There’s so much we don’t see under the waves of the ocean. Much of what we do see and know is still a mystery. But divers have continued to seek answers for years. And now, one of their questions has finally been answered.

The medallion-like beauty that lies on the ocean floor was measured at 6.5 feet in diameter. As they investigated more closely, they stumbled upon a 5 inch long fish hovering above the creation.

Come to find out, the little guy is a Japanese Puffer Fish. He is the artist behind the unbelievable masterpiece.

You just have to see it to believe it! 

Male puffer fish create these works of art to find a mate. The female puffer fish come and inspect the male’s work. If they are pleased they choose them as their mate.

That’s a lot of pressure on the male’s role and they take the task very seriously. They spend up to 9 days working around the clock to make sure it’s pure perfection.

Hiroshi Kawase, the curator of the Natural History Museum and Institute said, “First, they involve radially aligned ridges and valleys outside the nest site. Second, the male decorates these ridges with fragments of shells. Third, the male gathers fine sediments to give the resulting formation a distinctive look and coloring.”

Once the male is chosen by his mate, she lays her eggs in the middle of the circle he created. She then leaves and the male fertilizes them. The male stays to watch over the eggs.

These little fish are insanely intelligent. Researchers have found that the current in the middle of the circle is slightly less aggressive in order to shield the eggs. The center of the circle was constructed in such a way that the depth of the center point will keep their babies from being carried away.

We still don’t fully understand why they do what they do or how. But now we get to enjoy the fruit of the puffer fish’s labor.

God still continues to blow us away with His creations and wonders. Please share this stunning uncovering about the Japanese Puffer Fish to remind the world of God’s awe-inspiring wonder and power.