Hours After The Super Bowl, Tom Brady Posts Tragic News After Being Attacked

Just a few hours after the Big Game, it’s Tom Brady’s personal relationship with president Trump that is making headlines, and causing a fuss.

The ever-so-accepting liberal crowd has been quick to condemn anyone who isn’t vocally opposed to the president, making Brady a target of public scorn for even considering Donald Trump a friend.

Is it any coincidence that stories like “Tom Brady has some explaining to do on Donald Trump” are popping up just days before football’s biggest game? Obviously there are a lot of “news” outlets desperate for clicks, but this is pathetic.

In the past, the liberal media would attack a celebrity for something they did, or said, but now it appears being friendly is enough to have a target put on your back. That’s exactly what we are seeing from the “gotcha” media, and the hot-take bloggers out there begging for attention.

After being labeled as “deplorable,” the media has made it their mission to demonize anyone who supports our president, and that includes the four-time NFL champion. Coming off a four-game suspension to start the season, there were already a lot of people rooting against Brady, but now there are morons publishing garbage like “Tom Brady’s Politics Are More Un-American Than Colin Kaepernick’s Have Ever Been.

This isn’t journalism, nor is it thought-provoking content. Creating outrage because a guy knows someone else is bottom of the barrel writing, but that’s to be expected from those open-minded liberals. They preach “understanding” yet are the first ones to cast stones.

This is simply the trend we see by the left, who are quick to lash out at those who aren’t vocally on their side. Tom Brady isn’t making a political statement by having the president as a friend. He isn’t trying to give his opinion on policy. He is just trying to win the biggest game of his life, and yet people want to know where he lies politically? Aw, are the snowflakes upset that their echo-chamber is being rocked?

Seriously, how unsettled in your beliefs do you have to be to let Tom Brady’s friendship with president Trump get under your skin? Hold on, the media hasn’t told liberals how to respond to that.

I will never let these liberal bullies tell me who I can or cannot be friends with. Please share if you stand with Tom Brady and support President Donald Trump. May God Bless our President, and May God Bless America!