Shocking Video Released Of Cop Shooting 6-Year-Old In Backseat Of Car, “I didn’t know there was a kid.”

Law enforcement has been the topic of conversation for quite some time it seems, and while the majority of police officers carry out their jobs without an issue, there are those who seem to be unfit for the badge.

Take what happened in Tulsa for example. The officer who shot the unarmed black man did so out of fear, but aren’t those in uniform expected to act braver than, say, you or I?

Courage amidst chaos is a quality that should definitely distinguish an officer of the law from the common civilian, but once again fear has led to a tragic, unnecessary death by the hands of an officer, but for some reason the media has been silent.


Last November six year old Jeremy Mardis of Louisiana was struck five times as his father’s car was shot at by police officers. Body-cam footage shows two officers firing into a car while the driver had his hands up in surrender.


After the boy’s father had been stopped by way of gunfire, police stood around for a while wondering if anyone had been hit.


Upon hearing that a young boy was hit several times in the back of the car, one of the officers became visibly emotional, saying “I didn’t know there was a kid.”


The officers then stood around for nearly ten minutes, before being notified that the little boy in the car still had a pulse. At one point an officer asks “is someone helping him?”


By the time paramedics arrived nearly another ten minutes after that, the little boy was pronounced deceased. This happened all the way back in November, and yet nobody is talking about it.

Warning: Content May Be Graphic

This isn’t a race issue, but simply a matter of an individual not executing good judgement, and it ended up costing someone their life before they even had a chance to start living it. The officers, Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr., have since been charged with second degree murder for killing Jeremy, and attempted second degree murder for nearly killing his father.


This has to stop. Officers are supposed to uphold the law, not play judge, jury, and executioner in every situation. Just like in all aspects of life, people make mistakes, but at some point we need to make sure those in law enforcement are able to show bravery, and a sense of calm during a chaotic situation. Yes, it’s a hard, dangerous job, but at the end of the day we need to make sure our communities are policed by those who are qualified.