Members Of Electoral College Break Rank, Vote Against State’s Winner

Election day in the United States takes place in November, but when it comes to the presidency, the electors don’t officially cast their ballots until mid-December.

While the results told us that Donald Trump had won, the fact remains that the electors must give him their votes.

Already several electors have said they will be switching their votes to a different candidate, but unfortunately for Hillary Clinton and the democrats those electors are leaving her.


You read that right, at least one elector is refusing to vote for Hillary, but don’t expect the media to tout that story. They are good at distracting, but unfortunately that’t about it, as of late. Take the recount efforts, for example.

Do you want to know why you haven’t heard much about the recount efforts? They thought they’d find less votes for Trump, but they found more!. So, while Hollywood, and NYC may have control of the media, the coastal elites don’t really know what they are talking about (unless it comes from a Clinton aide).


Which brings us to this momentous day. December 19th is the official day in which the electors cast their ballots. While a few of them might choose to make a “statement,” enough of them will abide by the people’s vote and select Donald Trump.

In order to keep Trump from winning, 37 electors would have to go against the will of the people. While there have been electors in the past who have gone against their state, there have never been enough to alter an election’s results. The media would like for this year to be different, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.


Protestors have even started showing up at state capitols in an effort to persuade electors. So far, it appears their efforts have been paying off, but not in ways you would hope. As of now, there are at least five electors (4 Washington, 1 Maine) who have broken rank, and casted votes for people other than Hillary Clinton, with Colin Powell receiving three of them, with Bernie Sanders, and Native American elder Faith Spotted Eagle. So, the electors have been listening, but they aren’t backing away from Trump.


As the media attempts one last-ditch effort to prevent Trump from taking the White House, Americans can rest assured that nothing will happen. The people have spoken, and Donald Trump will indeed be inaugurated come January 20th. Hopefully by then, the entire of the nation will be able to come together, and support our new commander-in-chief!