Mike Rowe To Testify Before Congress, And He’s Going To Give Our Government A Brutal Reality Check

Former “Dirty Jobs” host, and all-around ‘good dude’ Mike Rowe is traveling to Washington D.C. to meet with congress on “the widening skills gap” in today’s workforce.

While many of today’s celebrities spend a lot of time complaining about the direction of our country, Mike Rowe is a man of action, and wants to show Americans exactly what it means to have a “good job.”

“This will be the third time I’ve gone to The Hill to discuss the widening skills gap,” Rowe posted on his Facebook page. “Perhaps three times will be the charm? Or perhaps it’ll be strike three? Stay tuned. I’ll get back to you.”

Eight years ago, during Obama’s first term in office, Rowe sent a letter to the former president. He urged president Obama to tackle the issues of “the student loan crisis, the disappearance of vocational education from our high schools,” and a host of other problems that have only gotten worse over time.

As he looked at his old letter, he “realized not much has changed with respect to the skills gap – except for the fact it’s doubled in size.”

Noting that, Rowe decided “rather than re-write the letter, I just marked up the old and posted it here.”

“Hey – he’s busy. I’m busy. And if anyone can appreciate the expediency of a rough draft in social media, it’s gotta be a man who’s unafraid to tweet without a net.”

Thank the Lord for celebrities like Mike Rowe, who are willing to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. While many in Hollywood continue to applaud themselves for “being so brave” on a silver screen, Mike Rowe fights for the every day American worker. That is definitely worth sharing.