Military Dad Can’t Come Home, So He Sends His Little Girl Bear And Says “Squeeze It’s Hand”

Military deployment is tough on any family. Having to say goodbye to a loved one for a long period of time, with limited contact, can be difficult for parents, spouses, children, and of course, the person being deployed. This family is no stranger to the life away from their father, but for daddy’s little girl, Pia, it is always the toughest.

Drew, Pia’s father, is deployed in the navy for eight months, which would already be hard enough for a family with a young daughter. But with his wife Kelly pregnant at home and supposed to give birth four month before he gets back, this deployment was going to be much different. Drew had to do something special for Pia, so he gave his little princess a toy that is worth so much more than meets the eye.

Before being deployed, Drew decided to build a stuffed bear with a voice recording inside that held a special message just for Pia. After waiting a full month, as promised, mommy gives Pia the bear and when she finds the button in the hand, her reaction will melt your heart.

As Pia squeezes the bear tightly, she can hear her dad saying “Hi, P. I love you. I’ll see you soon.” And almost immediately Pia screams “Daddy!” She cannot seem to get enough of it. Pia continues to scream and hold the bear tight. I can only imagine the beating that voice box is going to take. And with a second little princess on the way, daddy’s voice will comfort both of them until he returns.

What an awesome idea and a great present for a little girl that is obviously already missing her father tremendously. Watch the video and share the beautiful moment with your friends. Everyone needs to see this!