When The Mom Asked, “How Was Your Day?” No One Was Prepared For His Passionate Response

This will be the cutest video you see all day, guaranteed!

Growing up, we all threw our fair share of temper tantrums. Whether you weren’t able to play outside one day or get the toy you really wanted, or, the lowest of the low, you received a “because I said so” from your parent. Whatever the cause, the chaos had begun.

Nothing your parent said or did could really get you to stop. The tantrum now just had to run its course. Looking back, I wondered how in the world my parents were able to hold it together during these trying times, until I watched this video.

Of course every child throws temper tantrums. And often these outbreaks are caused by the tiniest of things which explode into what seems like a global panic. The same can be said for this little boy who just wants to get a few things off of his chest.

For a parent, handling temper tantrums is a pain. Not giving in to the child’s every wish, while still calming them down can be a tough task. However, like the mother in this video shows us, these tantrums can sometimes light up your whole day.

This little boy, tucked away in his car seat, has obviously had quite a long day. In the video, he addresses three key problems that he is currently facing. And, to be quite honest, the little boy makes some convincing points.

For starters, his toy is not charged! Because of this, as the boy clearly states, “I got nothin to play with!” But that is just the beginning of his issues. Next, he moves onto a problem that seems to be a bit more personal to him.

In order to tack more onto the tantrum, the little boy explains, “I don’t know how to read a book.” While sitting in the backseat of a car does not seem like the most ideal place to solve this problem, that doesn’t stop this kid from bringing up his important issue.

Lastly, and this could be the root to all of his problems, the little guy is hungry! The solution is in the form of a McDonalds right across the street, but the boy does not seem convinced that he will be getting it.

After getting all of his frustrations out, the boy seems to be a bit more calm. While, in the meantime, mom behind the camera gets a video to play at her sons wedding. Watch the video and prepare to be overwhelmed with laughter and cuteness!

Source: Emotional kid makes compelling argument by AFV on Rumble

Bless this child. Poor thing is still learning how to navigate through his frustrations…