Mother Surprised When Her Weight Balloons To 275 Pounds – Then She Discovers Why

A Mexican woman was shocked when doctors revealed the reason she had gained a significant amount of weight: she had a 132-pound tumor on her ovaries. 

Mercedes Talamante says that when she first realized her weight had nearly doubled, she became depressed, thinking that the weight gain was simply a sign of her age.

Weeks later, after her daughter Maria advised that she see a doctor, she was informed that her weight gain did not have anything to do with age and that she in fact had a 132-pound tumor on her ovaries. 

The tumor reportedly grew over the course of five years until it was about half of her body weight. She was almost unable to move for the 24 months before it was finally removed.

When the tumor started growing, Talamante weighed just 143 pounds. By the time she had it removed, she weighed 275 pounds.

The operation to remove the tumor was unprecedented, according to the director of the hospital where it took place.

“We could not find any example of an ovarian [tumor] this big,” said Moises Aaron Nunez, director of Cabo San Lucas hospital, according to Daily Mail. “There was no precedent anywhere in the world.”

The surgery took four hours to complete but was ultimately a success, surgeon Gilberto Inzulza said.

“I feel like a new woman,” Talamante said. “In fact after the surgery when I took my first steps, I felt like I was walking on air.”

The first thing Talamante said she planned on doing when she returned home was to take her daughter out in thanks for saving her life.

“This is not an unusual finding in pathology. They are comprised of many different types of cells. Many start as a ovarian cyst and the body produces fibrous elements to wall it off from the rest of the body. The size is unusual as is the weight, but I have seen many of these 40-60 lbs,” one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the story.

“Now I dislike going to the doctor but if my stomach started to grow for no reason. I sure hell wouldn’t let it get that big,” another reader wrote on The Shred’s Facebook page.

“Unbelievable! That is one hell of a tumour! I don’t understand why people put off going to the doctors for help. In the article it says ‘with the Mexican woman barely able to move for the last 24 months’. That’s 2 whole years hardly moving and she STILL didn’t go to the docs,” another reader added.

Other readers spoke to what the rare tumor was made of. 

“It is usually made of what we in pathology call mixed mesodermal and germ cell elements. fibrous tissue, ovarian cyst tissue, normal ovarian tissue, vascular tissue. They usually start as a body response to an ovarian cyst that ruptures or infarcts itself by overgrowing its blood supply. As the woman cycles the response becomes magnified and it sort of becomes an endless cycle. This is not an unusual benign tumour, very rarely some of the elements become malignant but they of a very low grade nature,” one reader wrote. 

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