Navy Seal Tragically Killed In Iraq By ISIS Militants

Tensions have flared up in the city of Irbil in northern Iraq.

Reports are coming in that a Navy SEAL has been killed as a result of coming under fire directly from Islamic State militants. They are said to have busted through a defense of Kurdish troops.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook stated that the unnamed Navy SEAL was about 2 miles away from the front lines, and was assisting a Kurdish soldier with their weapons training when he was killed. An AK-47 was likely the type of gun used.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter spoke candidly,

“It is a combat death, of course. And a very sad loss. It shows you the serious fight that we have to wage in Iraq.”

The Kurdish Peshmergan forces were ambushed, and Navy SEALS went in bravely to repel the attack. Matthew Van Dyke, a military trainer told Fox News what he saw,

“The Peshmerga were trying to hold the line, but Navy SEALS – at least 20 – came in and pounded the s— out of ISIS.”

According to Van Dyke, “Scores” of Islamic State militants perished. It was no simple attack.

“ISIS kept sending in suicide bombers, SEALs pounded them and the [U.S.] airstrikes did a lot to help. Bullets flying everywhere, machine gun fire from ISIS, really intense firefight.”

It’s a tough day when one of our soldiers dies in combat, especially when they die fighting a war that’s supposedly over, and killed by an enemy so loosely referred to as “JV.”