No One Thought Trump Would Do It, But This Latest Action Is Making Liberals Squirm

Crimes committed by illegals in this country are a big deal. Unbelievably many of them are not deported after being arrested and processed, they’re simply released back into the community they came from.

Politicians are afraid of rocking the big boat of racism, and the ripple effects that would cause in society. But there have been too many instances of illegals that have been arrested for crimes, not deported, and then go on to kill someone’s son or daughter in a drunk driving accident, and they live.

In most convenient stores you can find pulpy tabloids that report who was arrested in your city the previous night, and what their crimes were. President Trump wants to have a publication just like that but centered around the illegals in sanctuary cities committing crimes.

“Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders. Gets back its borders.”

Trump’s executive order pertaining to this reads as,

“To better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions, the Secretary shall utilize the Declined Detainer Outcome Report or its equivalent and, on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens,”

Border security was one of Trump’s biggest platforms during the election cycle. He’s wasting no time in taking action on those promises.