North Korea Just Threatened The United States, But Trump’s Response Was Brutal

Some countries are legitimate threats, and others wish they were threats. However, all countries should be treated with impunity when they attempt to threaten the United States.

North Korea has long bridged this middle ground of countries that really don’t pose a threat, but really wish they could. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, and you can’t leave the security of your nation to a blind squirrel.

When North Korea announced they were close to testing a missile that would be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reach parts of the United States, they expected a soft reaction. But President-election Trump isn’t giving in to their threats.


The reality of the situation is that IF North Korea could successfully launch a missile, they could strike Los Angeles. Trump defiantly said they won’t test. Does this mean a preemptive strike?

This would be a much different situation than what occurred under President Bush. Kim Jong Un is actually threatening a nuclear strike against our citizens. It would most certainly be any President’s duty to react strongly to this, and make sure they didn’t make good on their threat, and NOT wait around to see if they were capable of following through.

Thank God we have a strong leader like Donald Trump for the next four years.