North Texas Mosque Shut Down For Funding Terrorism

A mosque located in Richardson, Texas, was named a co-conspirator in the biggest terrorism financing trial in United States history. The mosque, also known as Dallas Central Mosque, was set up from its development to fund the terrorist organization, Hamas, and terrorist activities.

The funds were designed to go to the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), also was based in Richardson. The difficult part about this is that in 2001 the HLF was designated by our own federal government as a terrorist organization.

The foundation was shut down and all assets were seized because of its connection; and 5 key leaders were sentenced after being convicted in 2008. Two of these leaders lived in Richardson, TX. Another was from Garland, TX, and two others from San Diego, CA, and Patterson, NJ.


The DOJ issued a statement shortly after the conviction that said,

“The HLF intentionally hid it’s financial support for Hamas behind the guise of charitable donations. HLF and these 5 defendants provided approximately $12.4 million in support to Hamas and it’s goal of creating an Islamic Palestinian state by elimination of the State of Israel through violent jihad.

North Texas seems to be a hub for a lot of muslim activity as frequent Islamic protests have taken place, and where two Islamic terrorists were killed after arriving at a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest with AK-47’s and grenades after driving from Arizona.

A lot of activity seems to happen right in our back yard and we don’t know it.

That’s just it, we DON’T know.

Maybe Donald Trump was right, maybe we should ban muslims from entering the U.S. until we get a handle on the network that currently resides here in our country.