Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know Who Ivanka Trump Just Met With At The White House

Ivanka Trump has spent years advocating for women in the workplace, but this largely gets ignored by the left due to the fact that she isn’t a democrat.

You’d think liberals would be excited that a woman is playing a major role in the current administration, but once again they prove that they don’t really stand for anything.

Perhaps this is why the media ignored Ivanka Trump’s meeting with female business owners in D.C. at an event set up by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HCC). Why on earth would they cross their own narrative by admitting that the Trump’s are not racist? The truth isn’t good for business in today’s liberal media.

The truth isn’t good for business in today’s liberal media.

During the course of the election, the organization’s president, Javier Palomarez, called Donald Trump a “buffoon,” and a host of other names. Now that the Trump administration is in charge, Palomarez says that he’d “much rather campaign from the inside than complain from the outside.”

Other White House officials later held a meeting with business owners, focusing on job growth, the economy, and access to capital. Following the meetings, President Trump said that his “representatives had a great meeting” with the HCC, and that he is looking forward to “tremendous growth,” along with more meetings.

While the media continues to demonize the Trump family, Palomarez praised Ivanka Trump for her willingness to speak on issues involving women (specifically, hispanic women), saying that “she made it clear that she has a passion around empowering women.”

While the media continues to paint the Trump family as sexists, and racists, their actions demonstrate otherwise. That is why we have to share these types of stories, so that the truth can get out!

Ivanka meeting with Hispanic female business leaders in the White House completely disrupts the narrative that Trump hates Mexicans, in fact they are vigorously working to insure a healthy working relationship with that segment of the population.