Proof Gitmo Detainees Are Returning To The Battlefied

When discussing the release of prisoners from Gitmo or any other detention center, there is always a reluctance.

These aren’t your regular criminals who can be rehabilitated and sent back into society to function normally. These are people who have made it their mission to be committed to the destruction of America, or American assets.

Can you hold a terrorist in prison for the rest of their lives? Up until now that answer has been yes, but with the closing of Gitmo we as a nation are being forced to deal with a scenario we didn’t plan on encountering.


Republican lawmakers have been vocal for quite sometime about being against Obama’s desire to close Gitmo. They feel it is a symbol in the war on terror, and worried about where prisoners would be transferred if the facility closes. They don’t want to see them released back to their homes either.

To date, 144 detainees have been released during the Obama administration, and of these 12 have been confirmed to have reengaged on the battlefield.

From the 2008 campaign it was a promise of Obama’s to close Gitmo. He campaigned on the fact that the Iraq war was illegal, and that prisons like Gitmo and other CIA “Black Sites” were illegal as well. Members of Congress like Paul Ryan have taken legal steps to make sure Gitmo is never shut down saying, “These detainees cannot come to American soil,”

During the Bush administration 532 detainees were released, of which 111 were confirmed to have returned to the battlefield.