Obama Sent Him A Bill For Not Using “Obamacare”, What I Saw Made My Blood Boil

ObamaCare was supposed to be his greatest achievement as president, however, now that it’s in full effect people are realizing that it’s not so great.

It’s said to be ”affordable” for everyone but 33 million American’s still don’t have health care. Partially due to the cost.

Benjamin Miller, a frustrated citizen, refused to pay $1400 per month for his families healthcare, a $1000 increase from what it was prior to ObamaCare.

As a result, he was fined $2,344.00.

Benjamin Miller took to Facebook to show this terrible effect of ObamaCare. He may have been on of the 5 million American’s who’s healthcare plans were made illegal when the act was signed in.


See the entire Facebook post here.

Several companies were forced to cut hours for their employees due to the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act and the expensive plans that were required by employers.

The Affordable Care Act was not really a move to help Americans, but to increase lobby expenditures made by Pharmaceutical companies and privately owned insurance companies. You can see some of those staggering numbers here.

What do you think about ObamaCare?