Obama Thought The Camera Was Off, What Trump Caught Him Doing Left Me Speechless

It was never a big secret that Obama and our military didn’t get along. He used them as pawns to advance his own agenda and never attempted to connect with them as real people.

This cold reception could be seen so clearly when he would visit troops to speak. It was as if you were twisting the soldier’s arms to applaud him. This was never more evident as when he forgot to salute the Marine standing guard when he boarded his helicopter, Marine 1.

It’s customary that the President salute the Marine as he boards, but in this one instance Obama just passed him on by, and climbed the steps.

If you watch closely it looks like the pilots remind him that he forgot to salute. He marched back down the steps and shakes the young Marine’s hand.

Let’s contrast that with how President Trump has handled saluting Marines.

From day one Trump has earned the respect of the military, because his entire campaign hinged on putting America first. America is great for her ideals, but also is made great by the brave men and women who selflessly volunteer their lives to defend her.

Trump understands that our service men and women are real people with real families that deserve our acknowledgement and respect.

Be thankful Trump recognizes this truth, and keep him in your prayers that he always uses the military wisely for the best benefit of our country.