On The Kelly File, American Flags At Harvard Are An Offensive Political Statement

The culture war is an existing one with no signs of letting up or slowing down.

On colleges all across the country, and especially the Ivy League campuses, traditional American values are despised and seen as offensive political statements. How did it come to pass that the institutions for higher learning and mind development are now the center point for small mindedness and extreme political correctness?

Take Harvard for example. Harvard student Rachel Huebner came on Fox News The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to discuss the crazy college campus culture. At the beginning of the semester, students were setting self-imposed guidelines on what topics were proper to discuss in class. The claim goes that pro-choice students were offended that a student with pro-life views would even be sitting near them!

Another claim is that one student refused his roommate to hang an American flag on the wall of their dorm because it was offensive to his own political sensibilities.

Huebner said there more student-on-student censorship than anything else, and it was stifling growth on campus.

How do students think the real world actually is? Because there will be no one soft-pedaling reality to them once they leave Harvard’s campus.