One Reporter Decided To Openly Defy Obama, And His Reaction Stole The Show

When Obama was running for President the first time, the public had never seen anything like him since the days of John F. Kennedy perhaps. He was younger, well spoken, and handsome. There were even reports of people fainting during his speeches.

Now fast forward eight years. In Obama’s last press conference of the year, and apparently the press corps can’t take it anymore. One of the reporters actually started vomiting in the middle of his speech and gloriously disrupted the entire thing.

The look on Obama’s face that not everyone was paying attention to him was priceless. And all he could manage to do was to direct the person to the doctor’s office.


That’s right, his personal, in house doctor. The only person in the Obamacare system who got to keep his doctor because he liked him.

No. That’s not smug at all.

As you could imagine, the press conference was uneventful, and he is off on his final Hawaiian vacation.