3 Million Sippy Cups Recalled After Countless Children Hospitalized, This Makes Me SICK

Parents across the nation are horrified to discover the disturbing cause behind their children’s weak immune systems and constant sickness. This is unacceptable, every parent needs to see this!

You may think it’s D-Day the moment your child is ready for sippy cups instead of bottles, but it was a different story for these parents.

This is so disgusting. I don’t understand how this is legal.

One Sippy Cup brand — Tommee Tippee — is bringing thousands of horrified parents together.

A mother named Marie wrote on Facebook, “My friend Simon wondered why her son was still sick. So he has broken the anti-leakage of his glass to beak “Tommee tippee” to discover the mold on the inside of the anti-leak. It doesn’t wash… He called the company, and the lady at the end of the wire laughed at his face. Several other moms have also discovered mold following my post. If you please, those who have these cups, pay attention! We wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, the mold will settle in it anyway!”

Sippy Cup 4

After closely inspecting their children’s sippy cups, hundreds of mothers are taking to social media to reveal the culprit — the anti-spill top in each of their childrens’ Tommee Tippee cups.

Sippy Cup 1

If you didn’t know better, you would wrongly assume that this anti-spill top is perfectly sanitary. But after prying it open, the horrifying reality is almost too much to bear.

sippy cup 1

Without cracking open the anti-spill top, parents would never know that their children were being exposed to deadly mold with every sip of their favorite drink.

Sippy Cup 5

All of the parents reported washing the cup numerous times, both by hand and in the dishwasher — but to no avail — the horrifying mold was found in their sippy cups as well.

Sippy Cup 2

Due to the amount of negative media, Tommee Tippee released a very disappointing statement which skirted the issue:

“We learned, as a result of posts, that some people were not satisfied with the result of the sippy valves used in our sippy cups: We apologize for the inconvenience and we assure you that we are actively working on the subject.”

Sippy Cup 6

Additionally, the multi-million dollar baby company also directed concerned parents to a diagram of how to properly clean the bottles (how insulting!).

Sippy Cup 7

But parents aren’t buying it– and they told them so!

 comment 1

The photos don’t lie.

comment 2

Additionally, parents are insisting the mold isn’t due to failure of cleaning the sippy cups.

comment 3

Despite the thousands of horrifying reports, Tommee Tippee refuses to recall them. In fact, dozens of stores such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart are still selling these dangerous sippy cups — and Target has actually discounted them!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.54.10 PM

But once again Tommee Tippee has tried to band-aid the issue with yet another statement:

“We always welcome parents’ feedback, comments and ideas. We continually develop our products and look for ways to improve them, so feedback from parents is vital to us. Positive feedback tells us we’re doing the right thing, but just as importantly, like all companies, we learn even more when negative experiences are brought to our attention.

We’ve sold millions of Sippee cups and have had some very positive feedback. However, we know from visitor posts that a few people have not had a good experience with the valve part of the cup. For this we sincerely apologise and we are actively following up on any concerns raised.

We understand that the well-being of little ones is paramount and we can reassure all parents that we have extensively tested the valves. We have also been testing them with a panel of 140 mums in the United States.

The results support that when used with recommended liquids (cold, light fluids including water and non-pulp juices) and cleaned in line with instructions, there are no problems. Difficulties have arisen though when liquids that are not recommended for use in the cups have been used, like thick formula milk, pulpy juice and warm liquids. We also recommend that cups are not left for long periods before being cleaned.

However, we do understand that there may be other factors that are difficult to replicate in our testing, so our Careline team would like to speak directly to any parents who are experiencing problems. This will allow us to hear their views, and replace the cup with an alternative of their choice. The number to call is 0 800 10 07 25.

We’ve also prepared a page on our website to help parents care for their cups and valves.”

WARNING: If you own any sippy cup with a valve or anti-spill guard, THROW IT OUT! Mold settles in the cap and makes children dangerously ill. Neither the dishwasher or hand-washing will help. Do something about it: Open your child’s cup, remove the anti-spill guard and pry it open into two. If you can, take pictures and share them on social media. Take a stand against these dangerous mold-infested cups and file a consumer service report complaint.

Does your family own any Tommee Tippee cups? If so, did you discover any mold in them? Please help raise awareness and save lives — share this with every parent you know!

**UPDATE** After the publication of this article, more than 3 million Tommee Tippee Sippee cups are being recalled by manufacturer Mayborn USA. The company says it has received 3,066 complaints of mold forming on certain versions.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website Friday morning: “This recall involves five types of spill-proof Tommee Tippee Sippee cups all with a removable, one-piece white valve. The five types include: First Sips Transition cup, Trainer Sippee cup, Sippee cup (including Cute Quips), Sportee bottle and Insulated Swiggle/Sippee tumblers.”

If your child has one of these cups, STOP using it IMMEDIATELY. The company is offering free replacements through its website. Please share this warning with every parent you know!