One Of The Worst Things Ever Was Just Found In Iraq

ISIS notoriously kills those who refuse to convert to their brand of Islam.

This truth even extends to children and innocents, as if there was any doubt before.


Several mass graves have just been discovered in Iraq. They all contained the remains of innocent Yazidi children, who met a violent end at the hands of ISIS.

At least ten graves were found totaling up to 130 bodies of children and women of all age ranges.

An 8-year-old child named, Iman, related what he saw happening to his friends,

“They were taking them as shields. Raising them up high so that the airplanes could see them and wouldn’t bomb them.”

And once they were no longer needed as human shields they were locked up.

“When they took us to Mosul, to the Badush prison, they locked us in there,” he says. “They treated us violently. I’ve never been beaten like this before. It was like dying.”

These are the types of things that have occurred under Obama’s weak leadership – to not weed out an obvious threat. It’s obvious by now that Obama has no desire to rid the earth of ISIS. But if the United States won’t, then who will?