People Stood In The Middle Of The Hospital Unaware Of Danger, Now Watch The Woman In Purple Closely

The week of your baby’s birth is a very joyous time. But you never suspect that it could tragically become the worst. Well, this family experienced the most horrific situation after their child’s birth.

Babies are put in the trustworthy hands of hospital staff in the first fragile stages of their new life. Unfortunately, for this family, their child was carried out of the hospital in Russia by a medical student with the intention of keeping the baby forever.

The young student, Yekaterina, had some personal struggles in her own life that caused her to act unstable. She had an hysterical pregnancy and led her family to believe that she had a stillbirth. It was believed that she was dealing with great loss of some kind and the 23-year-old girl wasn’t handling it well.

Yekaterina wanted a child of her own so desperately that she walked right into the postnatal area of the hospital she worked at and took a baby. She walked the baby right out of the lobby of the hospital unnoticed.

She welcomed the baby to her home with clothes, a stoller, a crib and other necessities. The bold student even posted a picture of herself holding the baby with the caption: “Everything will be cool.”

The baby’s family wasn’t at the hospital when their child was taken, but arrived at the hospital not long after and immediately notified the authorities. The mother was released earlier that day and sent home to rest while her premature baby stayed for further care.

Thankfully the hospital staff, family, and authorities quickly took action and the baby was safely returned to the family’s care. The sweet babe was returned in stable condition and properly cared for once reunited with her true family.

It’s been said that, “If she is deemed mentally fit to stand trial, Yekaterina could face a long prison sentence.”

As of yet, there is no verdict on Yekaterina’s fate, but it’s safe to say that sadly, no matter what, the outcome will be grim for the young student.

Kidnapping can happen right under your nose just like in this case. Be aware of any suspicious activity and report it. You can never be too careful.

Please protect yourself and your loved ones. Share this important warning with everyone you know — by doing so, you may save a life.