A Man Started Singing The National Anthem, Now Watch The Canvas In Front Of Him Closely

At first I thought this man was just an average artist, but when I finally realized what was happening I couldn’t hold back the tears. This is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen!

It all started when the Arkansas Razorbacks invited an artist by the name of Joe Everson to perform a unique version of the National Anthem during their halftime show.

When the multi-talented artist stepped on court, no one expected what happened next.

Everson began singing and took his position facing a covered canvas.

Suddenly, the canvas cover was removed, revealing what appeared to be an unusual black and blue abstract painting.

Everson continued singing the national anthem while adding several strokes of paint to the bizarre masterpiece.

To be perfectly honest, at this point I was extremely confused and just couldn’t seem to envision what (or why) Everson was painting.

But with one final act, Everson moved the audience (and me) to tears. I was NOT expecting this at all. This is the most incredible performance of the national anthem I have ever seen!

I promise, you don’t want to miss this: 

Wasn’t that just beautiful?!

Please share if this unique and unexpected performance inspired you today. May we never take our loyal men and women of service for granted– because freedom is very costly. May God Bless our Troops. May God bless our President. And May God Bless America!  Please share if you agree.