The Pitcher Got Off The Field And Hugged His Dad, The Next Few Seconds Changed Everything About Baseball For Me

A father-son outing at a ball game is a timely tradition here in America, but while many little boys dream of making it to the Big Leagues one day, only a very select few ever get that chance.

For Trevor Williams, a 24-year old pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, that chance came this week as the September call-up made his emotional MLB debut in front of his family.

However, it was the scene after the game that has baseball fans choking up, and once you realize why, you might shed a tear yourself.

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Coming in as a reliever, Williams saw his first big league action against the St. Louis Cardinals, and picked up his first-ever career win, but not without some shaky moments along the way. For Williams, the scariest moment came after his first strikeout.

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After the inning was over, one of Williams’ teammates tossed the game ball into the stands for a fan, but Williams had always given his first pitch balls (from high school, to college, to now) to his dad. Fortunately, the fan who received the ball made sure it found its way to Williams, but not before the Pirates freaked out a little bit:

“I got into the dugout, and everyone was yelling. I thought someone was coming onto the field or something, because they were yelling loud. I’m glad we got that [ball] back.”
-Trevor Williams

What makes this moment even more special is that the elder Williams is currently battling cancer, and has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments this year, and surely this moment was an incredible bright spot for the family.

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Immediately after the game, Williams walked over to his family and embraced them, and I can’t help but cry a little bit as I watch this young man accomplish his dream in front of those he loves.

Williams Family After First MLB Win

“You dream about it your entire life, and you picture it happening. It’s one of those things where you let the emotions take control of you. There’s no one else I would rather share that moment with than my dad. He’s been there since the very beginning. He took me to Padres games when I was very young. When I called him the other day, I didn’t think I was going to share a moment with him better than that. But I did. Seeing my wife there as well — my uncle was here, one of my brothers — then seeing my sleeping baby not knowing what’s going on, it’s one of those moments that truly I’ll never forget. I’m just glad I could help.”

Look, I know that Tom Hanks has a very firm stance on the issue of crying in baseball, but come on, I think it’s okay to let the waterworks run in an instance like this. That’s love right there, folks, and love is the most beautiful thing in the world.