She Poked Holes In The Tops Of Baby Food Jars, What She Turns It Into? WHOA!

Moms everywhere have a predicament—what to do with all the old baby food jars once they’ve been emptied. You end up with dozens of glass containers that seem like they could be useful for something. But what?

It seems a shame just to throw those baby food jars away or even recycle them to be recreated at some compound somewhere. But now you don’t have to. Here are 24 AMAZING ideas for how to reuse and recycle those old baby food jars in really easy, beautiful, and practical ways.

And if you don’t have any baby food jars? Lucky for you, you can now get the small jars or even Mason jars at any local grocery or craft store and you don’t even have to feed anything to a baby!

24 Life Hacks To Reuse Baby Jars

1. Glass Jar Photo Frames
This is a fun and easy way to display photos in your home differently than a traditional photo frame. For an added effect, you can seal the photo with a special bond and then fill up the jar with water so you have a magnifying element!


2. Volve Candles
All you need for this easy trick is some duct tape and baby food jars. Another easy idea is to decorate the jars with Washi tape for an added oomph.


3. Adorable Flower Vases
This tip is one of my favorites. It’s seriously the easiest and instantly will add a pop to your next dinner party! Simply dip the outside of the jars in a bowl of the paint colors of your choice and voila – you have a gorgeous and creative centerpiece. Feel free to spray the jars with polyurethane once the paint has dried to seal the artwork.


4. Cute Pin-Cushion/Button Holder
My mom always had the most difficult time locating the pins and buttons when it came time to sew on a missing button on our clothing. This solution couldn’t be simpler or more adorable for keeping all those notions close.


5. Mini-Pie Cups
The jars may have once held baby food, but there’s no reason you can’t repurpose them to now hold adult fare! Put in portions of individual pie cups for the guests at your next party. They’re sure to love them!


6. Christmas Puppy Chow Gifts
The gifts for your kids’ friends can seem endless at Christmastime. One easy solution? Whip up one batch of Puppy Chow and reuse those old baby food jars to gift them to the masses.


7. Spice Holders
If you buy spices in bulk, this is a fantastic way to store them for easy access and air-tight preservation.


8. Baby Jar Terrarium
If you’re like me, plants die before you can even have them in your home for a week. No joke. I killed flowers in just four days the other week. Whether you’re struggling to have a green thumb, or you have small kids who would enjoy the project, building terrariums out of old jars is a great solution.


9. Hanging Vases
Just attaching a few pieces, filling the jars with water and adding some foliage is all you need to make the most adorable hanging vases. String a few together to make an amazing backdrop for your next gathering!


10. Organizers
Tired of trying to find odds and ends in your kitchen or office space? Mount the jars on a wall or paint a magnetic strip on a board and attach the lids of the jars. You have an instant organizer for little things.


11. Under The Shelf Storage
Attach a label and you have an easy storage solution for kitchen items. Mount some jar lids to the bottom of a shelf using Gorilla Glue or Super Glue and then you just unscrew the jar from the lid when you need it! Easy peasy!


12. Keep Your Yarn Neat
Balls of yarn are for cats, not for humans. If you’re tired of your yarn getting tangled, this is a perfect solution. Just poke a hole in the lid of the jar and feed through one of the strands. The rest can stay neat and tidy and you can knit away to your heart’s content.


13. Craft Time Storage
Every mom dreads it: craft time. But now it doesn’t have to be torture because kiddos are into every little thing. There is a place for everything, and everything has its place thanks to baby food jars, a little bit of black paint, and a silver permanent marker.


14. Color Education
Need to help kids learn their colors or even color theory? This is a great, easy way to do that! Put objects of the same color or tones into a jar, mark the top with the color, and let them play and learn at the same time!


15. Cake Decorating Storage
Save all those cake decorating tips and couplets together in jars that have been washed and even decorated to reflect the tip stored inside.


16. Baby Shower Gifts
What better way to use baby food jars than to celebrate a soon-to-be-born baby?! Put candies inside, paint the top, and add a little sparkle or pop of color to remind guests how they’re valued for loving their baby even before he or she is here!


17. Condiments In Style
These were inspired by a more expensive version found at Anthropologie. Simply paint your jars white, add some chalkboard paint to the front and paint the lid of the jar a fun color. You now have a practical way to store and serve condiments or other goodies!


18. Salt and Pepper Shakers
You can’t get simpler than this… Just poke holes in the lid, fill the jars with salt and pepper, and begin using them!


19. Storage For Kids’ Toys
This is one of my favorite tricks. Need a solution for your kids’ toys? Use jars that have been repurposed! You can glue an extra old toy or figurine on the lid of the jar and then spray paint the lid with the toy one color. That makes it easy for kids to clean up their toys because they know exactly what goes in each container!


20. Cute-As-A-Button Holders
These button holders (or you could fill it with whatever you want—like coffee beans!) make not only a cool storage solution, but an adorable display for your home or a party. Attach an old candle stick you’d find at a thrift store to the bottom of the jar and spray paint the candle stick and the lid for a cohesive and cute display!


21. Cake In A Jar
Need some help with portion control when eating desserts? This could be the solution! Pre-measuring the portions of cake into the small jars will help you and your guests can appreciate the adorable sentiment when you offer them yummy goodness that isn’t too much, isn’t too little, but is just right.


22. Christmas Ornament
Spray paint the lid of the jar with metallic paint, poke two holes, and loop through twine or rope and tie it securely. Then fill the jar with some fake snow and miniature trees or other cute items for a sweet ornament you can hang on your tree or gift to friends!


23. Soap Dispenser
Ditch your plastic bottles and add a small pump to a jar for a great soap dispenser that will really spruce up your bathroom!


24. Candy Jars
It might seem like the most obvious, but these are far from ordinary candy jars! After painting the tops of the jars, poke a hole and fill it with door handles that you can find at any hardware store or even Hobby Lobby. Voila! You have yourself the cutest candy jars of all time!