Police Just Unveiled A New Tool That Will Make Even The Most Violent Rioters SHAKE In Fear

The internet is a magical place where effortless activities, like standing still on camera, or pouring buckets of ice, can be made into spectacles worth repeating over and over.

Eventually, people forget about the reason behind the fads themselves, and participate simply to be a part of something. That’s kind of what we are seeing today with all these people protesting.

The narrative of “peaceful protests” has been dispelled numerous times, prompting law enforcement to step up their efforts to keep order. Now, major cities are outfitting their police departments with some serious anti-riot gear, and this latest creation will have people think twice before damaging public property.

This creation is being dubbed as the “ultimate riot control machine,” and once seen in action you will understand why.

The machine has an adjustable wall, teargas hoses, and is large enough to protect over 30 officers behind it. With popular culture constantly demonizing our policemen and women, now more than ever those in uniform need to be protected, and this invention hopefully will do just that.

Will these machines help to keep the peace, or is this just another example of a growing police state? Arguments could be made for both, but until these protests are truly peaceful, those who enforce the law need to be protected, and this may be the best way.