Polls Close For The Day, You’ll Never Guess Who The Winner Is

Election day is less than two weeks away (which means this whole thing is almost over!), and with several key swing states (Florida, North Carolina) being decided by less than 100,000 votes in 2012, the race looks to be tighter than ever before!

Early voting occurs in 37 states (and Washington D.C.), and already millions of Americans have cast their ballot. Republicans traditionally have had higher turnout for early voting, but, as this year’s election has shown us time and again, nothing can be predicted with this race (but we still try).

While it isn’t an exact science, reports from Florida and North Carolina indicate that republicans are holding on to small leads in the amount of mail-in ballot requests, but Democrats aren’t far behind.


Politico, and several other outlets are reporting that, although Republicans may be leading for the moment, early voter turnout for Democrats is much higher than it was in 2012. At least, that’s what is being reported by the media.

Democrats appear to be outpacing their 2012 early vote performance in several critical swing states, giving Hillary Clinton a head start on Donald Trump in some of the most important presidential battlegrounds.

In two must-win states for Trump, North Carolina and Florida, Republicans are clinging to narrow leads in the total number of mail-in ballots requested. Yet in both states, Clinton is ahead of President Barack Obama’s pace four years earlier — and the GOP trails Mitt Romney’s clip.


With nearly 40% of the election to be decided during early voting, this could be a huge blow to the GOP, but it hasn’t been all good news for the Clinton campaign. Early reports show that the former Secretary of State is not carrying midwestern states like Obama had done four years ago. So, while she may be gaining support on the coasts, she is definitely losing steam in middle America.

Again, early voting has just begun, so there’s no way of telling who is in the lead, however we can always speculate who might be winning. While republicans have typically done significantly better in the early voting process, democrats seem determined to keep Donald Trump from entering the White House. Sadly, that means that Hillary Clinton would become president, and we all know how dangerous that could be.


We need to make sure that everyone goes out and votes! There’s too much riding on this year’s election!