President Trump Destroys “Dishonest Media” During His CPAC Speech As The Crowd Chants “USA!”

When President Donald Trump speaks, the main stream media jumps through hoops to twist his words to their benefit. Surely, his speech at CPAC will be no exception.

During the annual gathering of conservatives, the president called out the “Clinton News Network” as being one of the largest perpetuators of “fake news,” and criticized the media for spreading “false narratives.”

“I want you all to know we are fighting the fake news,” Trump stated plainly greeted by a loud roar from the audience. “The fake news is the enemy of the people…because they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none.”

“I saw one story recently where they said ‘nine people have confirmed’,” the president continued. “I said give me a break, because I know the people. I know who they talk to…they make up sources. They are very dishonest people.”

President Trump continued ripping apart the “fake news,” saying that “the dishonest media did not explain that I called the ‘fake news’ the enemy of the people. They dropped off the word fake!

After taking time to explain his comments that have been distorted throughout the week, the president reassured all in attendance that he is “not against the media,” and “not against the press” in spite of what may be circulating.

“I don’t mind bad stories if I deserve them,” Trump joked. “And, I tell ya, I love good stories, but I don’t get too many of them.”

“I’m against the people that make up stories, and make up sources. They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources, unless they use somebody’s name. ‘A source says Donald Trump is a horrible horrible human being. Let them say it to my face!”

The president says that “a certain network” in particular is responsible for a lot of the “fake-news” being passed along as truth. “Let’s not even mention names,” Trump casually stated. After a few in the crowd cried out “tell us,” Trump said that he was referring to “the Clinton News Network.”

“Take a look at their polls from the last two years. You’d think they would have fired their pollster, right? Who knows, maybe they are just bad at polling, or maybe they’re not legit. But it’s one or the other.”

The Huffington Post thinks that the “president’s comments were likely a thinly veiled jab at CNN,” but that is putting it lightly. Trump went for the throat in calling out those he deems dishonest, and the crowd erupted into thunderous applause because of it.

“We’re building the wall,” he said. “In fact, it’s going to start soon. Way ahead of schedule,” the president paused as chants of “build the wall” broke out.

“Remember, we are getting the bad ones out. These are bad dudes…We are getting bad people out of this country who shouldn’t be here, whether it’s drugs, or murder, or other things. We are getting bad ones out. Those are the ones that go first.”

“All I’ve done is keep my promise,” the president boldly proclaimed. “I inherited a mess, believe me. We inherited a failed healthcare law that threatens our medical system with absolute and total catastrophe.”

Donald Trump told the audience that he would make healthcare reform that is “better,” and “less expensive,” that Obamacare, which he claims “covers very few people.” He goes on to say “remember…all of the people who had great healthcare, that they loved, that was taken away from them…so we are going to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

“We inherited a national debt that has doubled in eight years. Think of it, $20 trillion, it’s doubled. We inherited a foreign policy marked by one disaster after another. We don’t win anymore. What was the last time we won? Did we win a war? Did we win anything? Do we win anything? We’re going to win.”

“The era of empty talk is over,” the president said. “Now is the time for action.”

The president wraps up his speech by saying that “we will not answer to donors, or lobbyists, or special interests, but we will serve the citizens of the United States of America.”

President Trump knows he has a long road ahead of him, but he assures all in attendance that he fully intends to fulfill his promises, and is tirelessly working to make America great again.