President Trump Signs New Executive Order On Immigration, Allows Syrian Refugees

Within hours of President Trump signing his initial executive order on immigration, main-stream media had wrongly dubbed it a “Muslim Ban”, completely ignoring the fact Obama’s administration had compiled the list of dangerous countries to begin with.

On Monday, the president rolled out version 2.0 of his immigration order, but not without making some drastic changes.

Of course, no amount of changes will leave democratic lawmakers satisfied, but at least this order should hold up in the court of law as constitutional.

There are several major differences between this order, and the previous one. For starters, this order does not prohibit Syrian refugees from entering the country. While President Trump still aims to curb refugee resettlement in the U.S., this order will not stop Syrians from entering the country, if approved.

In the previous order, having a visa did not guarantee one access to the country. Under this new executive order, existing visas will be recognized.

The biggest difference between the two orders is the omitting of Iraq from the 90-day travel ban, bringing the list of countries down to six (Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan). Of course, this isn’t preventing the left from continuing to call this a Muslim ban.

For the record, Islam has over 1.5 billion followers. The countries included in the ban account for less than 10% of the Muslim population, but this order is called a “Muslim ban”. Labels like that are why “fake-news” appropriately describes many news outlets.

While the president attempts to secure the nation in the face of terror, the left-wing media continues to portray him as a man set on dividing the country. Fortunately, we know that Trump puts America first, and that kind of thinking has been absent from the White House for quite some time.