These Protesters Thought They Could Get Away With Shoving Cops, Seconds Later It All Changed

In the days since Donald Trump was elected president in a sweeping victory that stunned liberals, protests from sore losers have been in abundance.

And none have cried so loudly as the entitled, token millennial who, by no fault of their own, have been indoctrinated by the liberal media and ideologies that anything contrary to their way of thinking is inherently evil.

So when Trump rose as the victor over Hillary, for some young people, all hell broke loose.


Protesters in downtown Austin took to the streets this week to voice their disdain and disregard for the President-elect Donald Trump. Though Texas is quite comfortable with the First Amendment right to the Freedom of Speech, it doesn’t mean that Texas lets just anything go.

When a protestor started shoving a Texas state trooper, he was quickly apprehended. And then this scene happened: out of nowhere young people start moving in toward the officers — some with cameras in hand and some who look to be increasing in agitation as the scene continues. Take a look at how the crowd swarms as the officers peacefully arrest the protester who didn’t play by the rules.

Even though the crowd thought they could buck up to the Texas law enforcement, shouting “let him go” as they moved in, they were no match for the classy cops in the Lone Star State.

A second protester was allegedly arrested and like all good protests, the rest of the crowd was able to peacefully continue.

The Austin Police Department told local news station KVUE that the protests technically are not legal, but they will continue to allow it as long as the group keeps moving and does not go onto the highway. APD set up a row of buses where Fifth Street meets I-35 to prevent the group from marching onto the interstate.

It’s one thing to wave your entitled opinion around like a flag when you don’t get your way, but it’s an entirely other matter to engage in violence — especially against our great law enforcement. It’s time the punks learn a lesson and thankfully Texas police do it well!