Putin Just Responded To Obama’s Threat, And It’s Perfect

Obama shocked the world once again by officially ousting dozens of Russian diplomats, all because of Russia’s “meddling” in the election, which resulted in Trump’s election.

It appears that Russia is tiring of being type casted as the nastiest country out there, and instead responding in kind to Obama’s actions they went the total opposite way and simply made fun of Obama.

Obviously there is a large contingent of Americans who believe that Obama hasn’t done a thing to improve their lives, and we call these types of administrations, “Lame Ducks,” and that is exactly how Russia responded. Oh, and it was a tweet at that.


Obviously this garnered quite the reaction.


Russia is generally painted as the “Bad Actor” in global situations. They were blamed for starting war the Ukraine conflict, but there’s ample evidence that was due to CIA meddling.

Putin actually prevented the first Syrian war from escalating in 2013, and many actually believe prevented World War 3 from taking place.

When the Obama administration couldn’t oust ISIS from Syria, Russian forces went in and cleaned up. This isn’t a slight against the American military, it’s a slight against Obama, who has held our military back from operating in their full capacity.

And now Russia has teamed up with Turkey and seemingly brokered a ceasefire in Syria, but that’s not getting any US airplay.

They made sure to let Obama know about that on Twitter as well,


We’ve known that world powers haven’t respected Obama, ever, but now it’s all coming out in the last days of his Presidency. Thank God, there’s a man like Trump who will return America to a place of honor and respect.