Rafael Nadal Stopped His Tennis Match In The Middle For The Most Bizarre Reason, When I Saw It I Understood Immediately

Former world No. 1 winners, Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe recently had an exhibition game interrupted for the unlikeliest of reasons. The result left them more amused than annoyed.

While playing a match, a woman in the stands began to cause a commotion, forcing the players to stop in the middle of their play. But the reason why she caused a disturbance made all the sense in the world.

If you ask any parent, most would tell you that their biggest fear is losing their child. For this poor mother, that fear had become a reality.


A crowd of 7,000 strong gathered to watch the former No. 1 tennis players in the world go at it, but all of that came to a screeching (literally) halt when a distraught mother began desperately searching for her daughter.


Talk about a parent’s worst nightmare!


The players stopped the match, and the crowd began to look for the little girl who had been separated from her mother.


Fortunately, she was found after a brief timeout and was safely reunited with her panicking parents




I mean, come on, even John McEnroe was choked up at the sight of a family being reunited. At least, I like to think he’s crying tears of joy, but I imagine he’s wondering “what the heck is going on?”


Watch McEnroe, Nadal, and the others react when the mom loses her child in the middle of a tennis match. They couldn’t even believe what was going on:

Hey, I get it, kids like to wander around. Fortunately, the little girl in the video wasn’t able to get too far, and this will become nothing more than something to laugh about in the future.