Recall Of Over 8 Million Food Processors Due To Bodily Injury

The manufacturer of the Cuisinart food processor is issuing a recall on 8 million units after customers reported an extremely dangerous issue with the product.

Conair, the maker of the processor, has received numerous complaints about this particular product, and has decided to remove the item off of shelves entirely.

Parents especially need to be wary, as several customers are reporting that this issue could cause serious harm.


A number of complaints have rolled in as folks are cutting their mouths open after using this brand of food processor, and now the company is taking action.

The cuts are the results of bits of the processor’s blade breaking off, and ending up in the food. Unfortunately, many people around the country haven’t been able to catch this, and have really harmed themselves by accidentally ingesting bits of the blade.



If you own this item, or anyone who may own it, be sure to get ride of it. You don’t want your child being hurt by the food they eat. Stay safe, friends!