Reporter Recalls Event When Trump Brought 3-Year Old Tiffany To Speak At A Conference With Him

While the media continues to gloss over the latest Hillary Clinton scandal, Donald Trump is constantly being dragged through the mud for his crass language, and rhetoric towards women (as opposed to the issues).

While the media has been doing a superb job distracting the rest of the country, they couldn’t keep this piece under wraps forever, but they sure will try.

New York Post columnist Heather Robinson took the time to pen a piece that showed the real estate billionaire’s softer, sweeter side.


During a 1997 conference for “young leaders,” Donald Trump turned heads when he brought his “date” with him to the event. After arriving a little late to the meeting, Trump shocked the room by bringing his guest to speak with him.

“I know you all paid to hear me,” the future presidential nominee told the crowd, “and you’re getting two for the price of one today because I brought Tiffany…”


Trump would later tell the crowd that he brought his daughter along because his wife at the time, Marla Maples, had not been feeling well. So, rather than stick Tiffany with a baby-sitter, or a nanny, the successful business man took his little girl to work. That’s a pretty big deal for a man who the media has labeled a misogynist. Then again, maybe the media has been misleading the public all along.

In spite of all the mudslinging that has accompanied this year’s presidential race, Ms. Robinson still wonders how Trump could have helped raised his kids “into such decent, hardworking, unspoiled adults — ones devoted to him, no less — if he were a monster or true out-of-control misogynist.”


With only a week until election day, there isn’t much the GOP nominee can do now to possibly help his image with women, but Robinson does acknowledge that “Trump’s harshness may have helped bring him this far.” While that may be the case, Robinson believes that Trump showing his “gentler, more decent side…could save him in the final stretch.”


We have one more week of this crazy show that has been the American election 2016, and that alone is worth rejoicing over. Hopefully the American public are aware of who the real Donald Trump is (and the real Hillary, for that matter)!