Right In The Middle Of A Press Briefing Sean Spicer Turns Around And Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

New England Patriot’s star tight-end Rob Gronkowski is never one to hide from the spotlight, so when his team was visiting the White House he decided to have some fun with the staff.

During press secretary Sean Spicer’s daily briefing, “Gronk” thought it would be funny to pop in for a visit, and offer his help to the often-mocked Spicer.

“Need some help?” Gronk asked as the room erupted into laughter. A stunned Spicer was caught off guard for a moment, but told him “I’ve got it, thanks.”

Spicer, a die-hard Patriots fan, was able to stay calm, and didn’t allow himself to be star-struck. Well, he kept his cool at first.

After needing a few seconds to collect himself, a giddy Spicer tells members of the press “that was cool,” before getting back to answering questions.

Thanks for always making us laugh, Gronk!