Right When This Pastor Was About To Be Martyred, God Sent A Supernatural Solution To His Problem

Throughout the course of history God has intervened from time to time to save his people, but would you believe that it still goes on today?

In the Middle East, Pastor Paul Ciniraj knows of God’s workings firsthand, as he and a group of Christians were saved in a way that can only be described as miraculous.

Pastor Paul, director of Bibles For Mideast, says that on Easter Sunday he and others were taking refuge in a house as Islamic militants began to close in on their location. With nowhere to run, Ciniraj and the others did the only thing they could: they prayed. That’s when God showed up in the most unbelievable way.

After being beaten, and stoned by Islamists earlier in the day, Pastor Paul went to a friends house to rest and recover. That’s when, according to Ciniraj, “a group of militants reached the house, armed with steel bars and other weapons.”

“Losing all hope, we thought for sure this was our last day,” Pastor Paul told WND. That’s when he and those in the house began to pray. Then, the most unbelievable thing occurred.

“Completely unexpectedly, a lion ran from the forest, leapt toward the militants, and seized one by the neck. When other combatants tried to attack the lion, two other lions bounded toward them. The terrified militants fled the site, and the lions left us completely alone!”

Ciniraj goes on to say that something like this should never happen, as “records show no lions are supposed to live in that forest.”

Pastor Paul says that at the time he had been fasting for 21 days prior to this miraculous moment, and notes that “as that drew to a close, more than 3,000 former Muslims were baptized in many of our churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

“The Lord enabled me to baptize many people during this time,” Pastor Paul said. Apparently, God isn’t done using this man, and this miracle serves as proof.

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