Rob Lowe’s Shocking News Just Broke My Heart, Every Parent Needs To See This

It’s that time of year where many parents are preparing to struggle with “Empty Nest Syndrome” for the first time. Thankfully, Rob Lowe’s touching message about dealing with his first son’s departure for college is relatable and inspirational for almost every parent.

Although most men aren’t openly vulnerable about the emotional impact of family dynamics changing when a child leaves for college, our favorite famous Republican has no problem discussing his feelings and struggles. Lowe’s candor isn’t shocking considering how outspoken he always is- especially when it comes to Obama.

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Check out Lowe’s touching message from his recent memoir, Love Life.

“I have been emotionally blindsided. I know that this is a rite many have been through, that this is nothing unique. I know that this is all good news; my son will go to a great school, something we as a family have worked hard at for many years,” Lowe said. “I know that this is his finest hour. But looking at his suitcases on his bed, his New England Patriots post­ers on the wall, and his dog watching him pack, sends me out of the room to a hidden corner where I can’t stop crying.”


The handsome conservative goes on to discuss the emotional experience of finally dropping his son off at Stanford and leaving him in his new dorm room. A chapter in life unknown to Lowe since he didn’t attend college.

“Through the grief I feel a rising embarrassment. “Jesus Christ, pull yourself together, man!” I tell myself. There are parents sending their kids off to battle zones, or putting them into rehabs and many other more legitimately emotional situations, all over our country. How dare I feel so shattered? What the hell is going on?” Lowe expressed.


Slate posted Lowe’s candid message on their website and readers responded positively to his vulnerability. Judging by the touching comments, Lowe’s experience is helping many parents deal with Empty Nest Syndrome.

“After all the crying; sleeping in his bed and smelling his pillow, walking up and down the house as if you’ve lost something…after you get use to the silence; things will get better. I know, I have been through it twice. An end doesn’t have to be an end; it could be a beginning of a beautiful new chapter. Don’t fight the grief, embrace it….after all, this is what love is,” user Bon 26 wrote.

It is so great to see this outspoken Republican touching so many lives by talking about a challenging chapter in life so honestly. I officially just fell in love with Rob Lowe even more.