Robot Runs Free In Russia After Escaping Lab and Wandering Into Traffic

They say, “Robots are fine! They’ll only ever do what they’re programmed to do.” Well, tell that to this ‘robot’ as he made a break for it as soon as he got the chance.

The robot had gotten its first taste of freedom in the Russian city of Perm, when it managed to escape a lab and wander into traffic.

A spokesperson said, “The robot was learning automatic movement algorithms on the testing ground, these functions will feature in the latest version of the Promobot.” That is, he went on an adventure after the gate to the facility was left open by an engineer, and that’s when the robot saw its chance to make a break for it.

#MeanwhileInRussia: Self-learning robot escapes testing grounds

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The robot was later caught after its battery had died.

Eventually another robot story made the news as well. It seems that people are paying to give these stories a place of prominence, and we’re providing coverage of them. Futurists and the elite definitely want to see man merge with machine and are looking forward to an event deemed “The Singularity,” when machines begin to wake up. It’s part of a transhumanist philosophy, which is seen as the next step in human evolution.