1 Year After Joey Feek’s Death, Rory Makes a Heartbreaking Confession That Left Us All In Tears

Joey and Rory Feek loved playing their music together, and they captured America’s hearts when Joey found out she had cervical cancer and they bravely shared that journey with their followers.

She and her husband were able to record one final album together before she passed, “Hymns that Are Important to Us,” a collection of Joey’s favorite hymns growing up. She recorded the album all through her chemo process, recording in hotel rooms whenever she had the strength to do so.

She knew it was going to be her final effort and her heart an dedication were noticed by the industry when they were awarded “Best Roots Gospel Album.” Rory Feek accepted the Grammy for his wife and had an emotional speech.

“She sang her vocals in hotel rooms while she did chemo and radiation and it finally came out a year ago, almost exactly, and we sat together in the final days and watched this award ceremony last year — and she said, ‘If we get nominated, promise me you will come.’ And I said, ‘I will.’”

Joey then told her husband,

“If we win, I’ll know before you will.”

Rory ended by dedicating the award,

“This is for my wife.”

Theirs is truly a heartbreaking love story that shows the resolve of love and faith. She never wavered in her faith, but held tightly to faith in Jesus Christ she professed.

It’s great to see her so warmly remembered by Rory, who says that he still feels every bit as dedicated to her today as when she was alive. He also added that that night would be about “celebrating my bride.”