Rosie O’Donnell Fires Up A Tweet Storm Against Donald Trump

It’s no secret that the left completely revile Donald Trump. He’s won the election twice now, and yet liberals seem to think that they can still form some sort of insurrection.

Rosie O’Donnell for instance isn’t one that’s going to let the flame of Trump hate. The two of them have had on going feuds for years. He’s never backed down from the derogatory remarks he’s made about her. And more recently she targeted his son in tweets and talk show appearances, speculating that Baron Trump is autistic.

Today however, she seems fired up and is launching a last ditch tweet storm calling Trump a criminal, and unfit and every other name in the book along the way.






The funny and sad thing about all of this is that our culture has been brainwashed into thinking that posting anything on social media will ever change anything. That’s actually what a government scared of its people wants you to do, do all your protesting online and not actually do anything in real life.

Rosie’s tweetrage won’t do anything to derail Trump being sworn in, and the sooner she realizes that the better.