Russia Sends Missile Cruiser To The Syria Coast As Putin Vows To “Destroy Any Target”

The more details that come out surrounding the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet, the more it starts to look as if Turkey was the aggressor.

On Tuesday, a Turkish jet shot down a Russian plane along the Turkish-Syrian border in what the Turkish government calls an act of defense. The two pilots in the plane were ejected, and were shot down by terrorists (one of the pilots survived).

Turkish officials immediately notified NATO of the incident before explaining the situation to Russia, thus making matters worse.


Now, news is surfacing that the Russian jet may have not actually entered Turkish airspace, and was attacked without warning.

“The Turkish jet made no attempts to communicate or establish visual contact with our crew that our equipment would have registered. The Su-24 was hit by a missile over Syria’s territory.”
-Sergey Rudskoy, Russian General Staff


Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he feels as though Turkey has “stabbed [Russia] in the back” for their act of war, and assured the world that there will be consequences for these actions. Russia has since suspended military communication and cooperation with Turkey.

Since the attack, Russia has beefed up air base security in the region, including the placement of a missile cruiser off Syria’s coast. The cruiser, Moskva, is the strongest ship in Russia’s Black Sea fleet, and has been ordered to destroy “every target posing a potential threat.”


Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, claims that the Russian jet was warned multiple times, and that Turkey made their “best efforts to avoid this latest incident.” Russia’s top brass isn’t buying it.

“The data we have is very clear. There were two planes approaching our border, we warned them as they were getting too close. Our findings show clearly that Turkish air space was violated multiple times. And they violated it knowingly.”
-Turkey Official

Here’s a video of the incident that set this all into motion:

President Obama has urged members of both countries to not allow this conflict to escalate, but NATO has voiced support for the actions taken by Turkey. According to U.S. officials this incident will not prevent the U.S. from continuing Syrian operations “as planned.”